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My name is Rhys and I am sixteen years old. I like living here in Jilkminggan because I like going camping and fishing everyday catching fishes and turtles, they taste really good . I love going shooting with my brothers, looking for kangaroos and turkey. I live with my big brother Ossie Daylight and my sister in law and my nephews. My life is healthy and I love playing my sports too . When I grow up I'd like to be a plumber because I like helping people, I'd like to work in my community.
I feel about this project is good for me and I like doing that, well I got nothing back at home I have to do something else, it's something for me to do and that makes me happy. Sometimes these other fellas feel bored at home that's why they want to do sniffing and stealing like that in our community and we don't like this in our community, these young fellas need to find a job in this community, something to do because they been sniffing too much because they're boring (bored). It feels great for me and my family to have a look at that work. I love my community cause I grew up here with my father side family, my mother’s not here she stays at Hudson Downs



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