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My name is Pankaj and I am 12 years old. I live in a hut in Sarnath near Varanasi. I help my father after school. My father pulls a cart and after school I help him to load the materials, sometimes bricks, sometimes bags of cement, sometimes iron rods, wood.. Normally in my day I wake up at four o'clock, my mother's mind is out of control so I have no help from my mother. I do some study and wake up my two brothers, I get them ready for school, we have one black tea in the morning and we run to school because get breakfast at school. When I came to Buddha Smile school, I didn't know anything, now I feel proud of myself, I am learning photograph . I want to take so many pictures I want to show these pictures and one day I will change the map of Varanasi, I will change the things, like the Ganges river is polluted, there should not be so much pollution. In future maybe I can change the things that are wrong, when I grow up I will change everything. When I will do this photography, when I will try my best, I will achieve my goal. Before I did not know what is photography now it has come in my mind, now I am thinking if I will continue this and get more experience and maybe I can make documentary . When I will be a big person I will show the photo of the Ganga ( Ganges River) polluted and I will show that photo to save that river. I will try to save all the things, change all the things that go wrong.
Another thing I saw when we went to the visit the river yesterday, I saw there are some men who carry snakes around their neck, this thing I saw, this is not good. Everyone should get freedom, animals should get freedom, human beings should have their own life, so animals should be free.
In my country poverty is so much, so much poverty, many people are suffering with poverty I want to finish this poverty. One day I will remove this poverty by opening many schools like Buddha Smile school, through education I will remove this poverty, all the schools names will be Buddha Smile School.



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