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My name is Maria and I am 13 I was born in a little town near Katherine, now I am living in Mataranka. I like to sing and dance and ride horses. I play netball in Katherine on Thursday. I LIKE TO MAKING bead necklaces I feel good about this.
I've had hard things in my life, I've moved around a lot. My mum couldn't look after us. I lived in Katherine, but been moved around by FACS, they help people without a mum. I've lived with a lot of different people, but I'm staying in Mataranka now with a lady, she's nice. I didn't like moving around to all those people, I got sick of it, it was hurting my feelings and I was a naughty girl. I'm happy now at Jilkmiggan School, I got lots of friends.
I want to take pictures and show other people about my country, my class, my friends, and my relations. I'd like my mum to see these pictures so she knows that I'm here and I'm safe and I'm happy. She knows where I live, but she doesn't all about me.



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