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My name is Leela, and I'm 24 years old, I was born in Derby and I grew up in Mount Anderson for the early part of my childhood and then early teens till now I'm here at Jarlmadangah. We lived in Derby before we moved out to Mount Anderson but my dad wanted a place out in the bush away from all the drinking and that lifestyle in Derby. He just wanted a place where he could teach the kids and they could grow up safe. That's why he came here with his brother Harry and they chose this land which was already part of Mount Anderson and belonged to the family so they decided to set up a community here. I like my community because I think it's different. We don't have all the drinking and social problems here in the community and that is a good thing and we got a lot of interesting things going on here like, for us ladies, the TAFE courses that get run out here. We got a women's center where we do sewing, we do oil extracting and make soap and oils from native plants. One time we made lipstick, sometimes we do art classes, this year we learnt to work with patterns just with lines and dots. We got our own community garden where we grow all our veggies that we use . I know one thing with dad now see, I try like I'm recording him and I want to eventually put it onto cd. I think it would be a good thing for the kids to listen to it, a two way thing, like the old thing, dad mob singing, but also like a cd . That is what kids are more interested in these days so putting the old songs onto the new medium I think for our own good really. If they can listen to all those other pop songs they can listen to something that their old people saying and singing to them. It's important for the young people to learn. After my dad's generation gone, they be the last one to know it now and so it be good to carry it on so we know it and we are able to teach it in generations to come. My community is strong because we have that support for each other in anything we do, if someone does decide to do something we encourage them, we give our young people a lot of encouragement, we always give them that opportunity to talk . Our old people are strong and we respect them. You can tell somebody something but it's another thing when you showing it, so these photos are showing you mob our life and culture so you can see and maybe it encourage you to do something in your own community.



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