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My name is Kishan I am 13 years old .
Before my mother was selling vegetables, my father had gone somewhere, I have to go with my mum to sell the vegetables. One day she fell from a high stone, she was carrying the vegetables and she fell, she had a very bad hurt leg . Then I was helping with my brothers and sisters, I tried to help my mother to earn some money but I cannot get enough money to take care of my brothers and sisters food so we have many troubles. My father did not return for two years. Sometimes my mother is not able to earn money, then she begs for money for food . If no one gives the money we sleep with an empty stomach. One day we made a plan, me my mother, my brother, my sister 'Let's go and lie on the middle of the road, or in the middle of the railway track, so that we can die because there is no food.' I want to die so many times when there was no food at home. Then there was a time, after school, I was very angry because my brother took all the food, I ate the pesticide, the poison . I wrote on a piece of paper, 'I am going to die mum and dad, now you don't have to bother with me. Please don't burn my school books and keep my school clothes nicely, my teacher has given me this'. My brother saw me take the poison and he told everyone.Two or three people they came running to my place and they brought me to school and my teacher took me to the doctor. I was in hospital for three or four days.
I promised my teacher the day I recovered, now I have got so loving madam ( Rajan, who runs Buddha Smile School) so good school and I will never do like this. I can learn, I can get education and one day I promise I will become something and remove my poverty and other people, those who don't like us, I will show with education, to make them realise that with education I have great power, I have knowledge and I can earn money.



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