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My name is Jason and I am thirteen years old. I live in Jilkminggan community, it's a good community, it's little and fun. I know everybody in my community, some of them are my family. I like to go swimming at the crossing. I want to be policeman when I'm big to stop the people fighting. When someone go drinking out of boundary I'll go and stop them. When people drinking green can beer they get drunk and drive and they crash into a tree and might die, that's why I want to be a policeman, to stop them hurting themself and other people. I want to stop the sniffers they sniff because they feel boring, bored, and they reckon sniffing fun but I don't because sniff can kill you. I want to stop them sniffing, if they don't do it I'll call back up these things are really important. It means everything to me to be a policeman because it's fun and I'll be helping my people and community. I have been doing this photography and it's fun taking the pictures, I want to show people what we been doing at the school.



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