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Hi my name is Donald

I care about my Mum and Dad and family. I feel good when I play sport. I feel upset when my mum grouls at me or when someone steels my stuff. My goal is to be a police man or a builder when I grow up. In the future I like to have my own house.

I live with my sister and her husband. Their first name is Kirsten and Wayne. I am 12 years old. My brother is Dennis and my sister is Elaine. I am the youngest in my family.

My community is a happy community and our shop has just been built at Urapunga. Its a safe community. Urapunga is going to have 5 new houses built. We live near fresh water.

I like playing football and other sports. I am good at running or sports. Its fun because I love doing it. I feel happy.



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