Work facilitated by John Feely

Film: Gangul

This movie was made by the students of the Yirrkala Homelands. It uses the colour yellow to show the interconnectedness of people, place, ancestry and culture here.

Film: Nangurrugurru Dreaming

This movie was made by the students at Amanbidji School. It retells the dreamtime story of the Nagurrugurru or Emu that passed through this place a long time ago.

Film: A Story About Our Week

This movie was made by the students at Pigeon Hole. It documents many of the things we did together during our week with Sharing Stories.

Film: Emu Dreaming

This movie was made by students at Kalkaringi School. The movie was inspired by the Emu Dreaming story. The students went on an excursion to Seven Mile Creek, where an elder from the community told them the story. He also talked about how the story was told to him when he was young; sitting in the bush, around a fire late at night, with his elders who were stockmen at Wavehill Station. The students recorded this story with sound and video. Back at the school they translated the story into artworks, animations, videos and voice recordings.

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